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Kinetic Power Cube


Norrønt AS has for the last 10 years developed turbine technology with a unique design to minimize cost, increase lifetime, durability and for a wide range of tasks.

The Power Cube turbine


  • World leading on temporary turbine technology.

  • “Drop and go” design for instant power.

  • Power without noise or heat.

  • If required water pumping is available for clean filtration over osmotic filter.

  • Rugged construction, light, easy to transport and to assemble.

  • Simple installation without any infrastructure.


Operational considerations

Power Cube is a hydroelectric micro power plant developed by Kinetic Energy AS. It can operate from 1-5 m/s dependent on location.


  • Energy safety.

  • Operational reliability.

  • Efficient power production.

  • Sustainable technology.

  • Local energy production.

  • Zero pollution.




  • Private

  • Refugee camps

  • Aid

  • Developing countries

  • Farming

  • Island Communities

  • Army

  • Fish industry

Project and design


  • Hydro Electric micro power plant- system design completed, detail design in progress.

  • Aluminum, stainless steel and composites and carbon fiber materials.

  • Applications: rivers, tidal currents, fjords and waterfalls.

  • Voltage: 110/220/400 V.

  • Power: 5-20 kW, pending water velocity. (Typically 2-3m/sec)

  • Weight: 120 - 250 kg, pending material selection.

  • Transportation size: euro pallet.

  • May be shipped anywhere in the world.

  • Can be delivered by air, vehicle or by foot.




  • Numerous demands for hydroelectric micro power plants that does not require infrastructure.

  • High demand for renewable energy.

  • Easy to transport with a variety of innovative solutions for weight reduction.

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