Norrønt AS


As a multi-disciplinary consulting firm, Norrønt AS provides services in project management, patenting, technical consulting and engineering, renewable energy services, tidal turbine testing, construction, testing and monitoring, and materials laboratory services, to a wide range of clients. Established in 1996, we pride ourselves in being an employee-owned firm.


Norrønt AS has a professional staff in Norway, Canada and Ukraine. Our staff also includes many employees with Master and Phd degrees in the fields of engineering and science. The staff works in a multi-disciplined environment and is familiar with overall project requirements, in addition to their specific area of expertise. This enables superior project coordination of disciplines, scheduling, planning for constructability, and implementation of a well-planned and conceived projects.


We strive to implement innovation and energy efficient design, and sustainable solutions through effective and efficient design and construction concepts. Our designs balance environmental responsibility, achieve resource efficiency. Norrønt AS possesses a diversified range of experience in various facets of project management, flow induced fatigue evaluation, test and evaluation of vertical axis turbines, implementation of renewable energy, tidal turbine design, nano-material fuel cells, material analysis, industrial and environmental engineering.

-Project management

-Subsea engineering, oil and gas and offshore operations

-Patent development, filing and marked entry strategy

-Venture financing

-Research and developement, supporting in-house and external programs.

Dag Zeiner-Gundersen
Founder and Principal

Sindre Zeiner-Gundersen
Director of Operations

Sindre Zeiner-Gundersen has a bachelor in space technology and Master Science degree in Physics directed towards renewable energy. Is currently taking a Phd degree i Applied Physics on Rydberg Matter

Project manager, engineer,working on design and fatigue reduction on vertical axis turbines, tidal turbines, solar and fuel cell technology. subsea systems,hydro- and aerodynamics. Extended knowledge in hydrodynamics on vertical axis turbines, fatigue reduction, patent applications and development of test pilots.




Phone: 0047 979 67 000


Dag Herman Zeiner-Gundersen, has more than 20 years of experience in the Energy and Oil & Gas industry.

He has held numerous project management positions in the United States and Norway, maintained the position as Norwegian Trade Commissioner, as well as running his own companies within the renewable energy sector.

Technical specialty is subsea system engineering, general inventor and holder of several patents.