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Norrønt AS provides the following project consultant services

Project Management



-Project planning, Define scope of Work, and Schedule

-Coordination of External and Internal Interfaces

-Monitoring and Control

-Reporting and Client Contact

-Audits (Project Specific)

-Monitoring and Control

Project Coordination

-Assists Project Management

-Maintain and updates project schedule based on internal and external reporting (Familiar with SAP and Microsoft Project)

-Coordination of contracts issued to subcontractors



-QA support (Applied Quality)

-Quality manual


-Progress Reporting



Project Engineering


-Detailed Engineering

-Design Work

-Conceptual and Detailed Design

-Direct Interface Coordination

-Testing and Installation Procedures

-Design and operating manuals


-Productivity in conjunction with the Industrial engineer

-Subcontractors technical content



- Materials and Production Planning

-Procurement Decisions

-Subcontract Decisions

-Progress Reporting

Assembly and Test management and monitoring


-Assembly, Test, FAT and Intergration

-NDT inspections

-Progress reporting

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