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​Norrønt AS has  engineering capabilities  and fully equipped nano technology lab with SEM, microscopy, analytical and technological equipment, instrumentation and software for analysis  and verifications of systems an concepts as well as a number of available consultans. 
Rydberg matter research
​Bringing the next generation fuel to market.

Buckle up and get ready for a the future energy source.

Norrønt AS is funding a PHD research project on Rydberg matter with the creation of ultra high-density deuterium clusters condensing on nanoparticles. Experimental results have demonstrated the release of high energy after formation of ultra high density clusters with 10^24 atom/cm.


Norrønt AS is currently developing the next generation high energy density material for future energy supply. For more information and investment opportunity please contact us.



Power generation for offshore and remote facilities

Norrønt AS vertical axis turbine is the only turbine in the world suitable for offshore and remote power delivery for facilities such as aquaculture farming, desalination plants and sub sea platforms. We are currently working to implement the technology for aquaculture systems, thus removing the need for costly grid connection through sub sea cables or diesel generator driven aquaculture systems.


Contact us today with your system, we will make it sustainable, pollution free and grid free...

Tidal energy

Developing tidal turbines for the future.


Norrønt AS has through a joint venture developed a vertical axis turbine with low cut in speed and high efficiency to be placed in rivers, ocean or tidal currents.


Thin film solar cell research and developent

R&D development of thin film solar technology is vital for the energy demand for the world. Through crystal growth and hydrides we are searching for a way to reduce solar cell cost.

Dirt cheap is not cheap enough...

Surface structure development


Structur analysis and development will increase the overall efficiency of solar cells as well as provide high catalytic activity in fuel cells.

Fuel cell research
Bringing the next generation fuel cell to market.

Hydrogen is and will be a big contributor in the world as a fuel for cars, planes, boats and space. Norrønt AS is currently developing the next generation high energy density solid-state fuel cells with no moving parts.



Thin film deposition/ co-deposition


Norrønt AS has several plasma sputtering systems for thin film deposition. Sputter deposition is a physical vapor deposition (PVD) method of thin film deposition by sputtering. This involves ejecting material from a "target" that is a source onto a "substrate" such as a cathode or anode. Sputtered atoms ejected from the target have a wide energy distribution, typically up to tens of eV (100,000 K). The sputtered ions (typically only a small fraction of the ejected particles are ionized — on the order of 1%) can ballistically fly from the target in straight lines and impact energetically on the substrates or vacuum chamber (causing resputtering).  Norrønt AS operates with several gasses during deposition to achieve wantet effects. Argon, Hydrogen and Deuterium is widely used during deposition and co-deposition research.

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