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Norrønt AS

Intellectual Rights and Patents

Intellectual rights and patent protection of intellectual property has become a very costly process. Patent Department of the Norrønt a.s. will deliver patenting at a fixed low price. The total cost of patenting your company can expect is about half of normal rates, when hour rates in general for this type of services is very for high. We ensure that our work has a general high quality and are quality assured through internal policies and procedures.
Normally we prepare patents application in English for filing in Norway or EU / U.S. in cooperation through registered offices. Patents in English are accepted in Norway, and ensures broad application with consistent quality that can be used in Norway and internationally, thereby limiting the overall costs.
Preparation, control and completion is executed by specialists in electrical, instrumentation, mechanics, optics, hydrodynamics, oil and gas / petroleum, chemistry and by specialists with legal expertise in Europe and USA. We assists in preparing, submitting and followup of the application for patent, trademark, design and domain name as well as providing general patent advising.
We also assists with the design of contracts and licensing agreements and provide legal and technical assistance in connection with disputes and litigation. Norrønt A.S. also offers services that help customers develop, manage and exploit their intellectual property in a strategic and effective manner. A confidentiality agreement will always be written with the customer and résumé to the executive officer and the controls are documented.
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